Emergent Multiliteracies in theory and practice is a collaborative university-school research project bringing together researchers at York University with primary and junior grade teachers at Joyce Public School in the greater Toronto area to co-develop multiliteracies pedagogies. The study is motivated by the challenges faced by contemporary urban children living in multicultural proximity who are acquiring literacy in an era of complex digitally-mediated, glocalized communication, but are constrained educationally by standardized assessments that reduce understandings of literacy to reading and writing on paper in English. Our study asks:

books and puppets in classroom with study questions in speech bubbles coming from the puppets

Study Questions

  1. How can we invite into the linguistically heterogeneous classroom the multiple languages of the community?
  2. How is the global reach of populations being embodied in the educational process?
  3. How can we bridge the disjunctures between social and educational literacy practices?

Emergent Multiliteracies in theory and practice is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of CanadaDr Heather Lotherington is the principal researcher. Download an introduction to the project.